Vicky’s First Month

Vicky was born June 2nd, had her tongue tie clipped same day she was born, but it ended up going tight again. Had it clipped again when she was about a month old, made a world of difference with nursing! She was determined to nurse right from the start, but being tongue tied (and lip tied, and having 4 boucal ties) made it a difficult process. We worked long and hard at it and were able to figure the Koala hold was best for working with her ties and still being able to nurse. We did see a lactation consultant when Vicky was 4 days old, and she was thoroughly impressed we were able to nurse at all with all Vicky’s “ties.”


Funny Fact: First time giving Vicky a binky was our first night with her, and she SCREAMED bloody murder soon as it touched her mouth! Haha!


When we saw the lactation consultant, just 4 days after Vicky being born, my brother Nathaniel was kind enough to drive me, Vicky and my mom to the appointment. My husband was back at work already. The appointment was about 2 hours, very relaxed and enjoyable. Afterwards we went to Costco to get some food. It was SO hot outside! I was already feeling exhausted and like I just wanted to lay down, but the a/c didn’t work in the car, fortunately Costco’s a/c system worked great that day!

I remember Mom ran ahead to order food, Nathaniel carried the carseat with Vicky in it to the food court, and I trailed behind him. We went through the entrance, then hurriedly passed through the checkout/cashiers section to get to the food court, the cashier lady at the one we passed through commented that I looked like I was in a lot of pain. I quickly replied a “thank you” and a “I’m so tired” and went as quickly as I could to the food court and sat down. Felt so weak, was almost sure I was gonna pass out. I didn’t pass out though, which was nice. We ate some nice Costco Hotdogs, saw our friends the Patees who were finishing up their grocery shopping for the day, and then slowly went back to the car (which Nathaniel was kind enough to pull up to the entrance for us so I wouldn’t have to walk far).

After all that we finally got home, well, to my parents place. We didn’t have a/c at our home, so my parents brought me, Johnny and baby Vicky to their place to stay a while since we were having a major heat wave (upper 90 degrees a day!). Johnny’s sisters April and Katy had come to visit and see the baby. April was living about 4 hours North at this time, but her hubby had a job at the time only 2 hours north, so the trip wasn’t as bad. She was pregnant with their first baby, a boy, and due the in August. I sat and nursed Vicky, then let April hold her for a while before they had to leave.

I remember that was a very long, stressful day, but had a lot of encouragement at the lactation consultant appointment, and got to go to bed again soon after getting back to my folks place, so I felt it was worth it.


When Vicky was 6 days old I had a chiropractor appointment. We got to introduce Vicky to my chiropractor, Dr. Kathy Thomas on June 8th. I got a light adjustment, since I was still in healing time from giving birth. But it was nice to be adjusted even lightly, and my lower back adjusted real easy this time (it had been locked up for weeks before Vicky was born).


When Vicky got to be a week old, Johnny decided he really wanted us to go back to our home. Just something nice about being in your own home, surrounded by your own things. So we went back to our place.

That night, Johnny started experiencing some pain in his lower right abdomen. The next day it was a bit worse, the finally Saturday came round (no work), and he was feeling worse. He called up my parents  as one of my younger brothers, Isaac, had had appendicitis just a month or two before this and he knew my mom would be able to tell him for sure if he had appendicitis himself or not. My parents were pretty much convinced it was appendicitis. So they came over, loaded up Johnny to take him to the ER, and left my sister Naomi with me and baby Vicky to help care for us and keep us company.

We watched movies, chatted, made food, ate, played with baby, changed her diapers…. I tried not to worry about my husband, which was not so easy, especially since I was still dealing with postpartum stuff. Dad messaged me on facebook (no cell service at my house), said Johnny did have appencitis and was gonna need surgery. the surgery is pretty simple, just 3 little cuts. But still, the idea of my husband going in for surgery and me NOT being there, was freaky for me!

The hours continued to slowly move along, more movies, more napping, more nursing and diaper changes, more food…. finally got told to pack up a bunch of stuff I would need and Dad would take Vicky, Naomi and I over to their place to stay again since Johnny was gonna be needing atleast a week to recover from surgery.

Packed up the pump I was renting from the lactation consultant, milk bags, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, clothes for me, Johnny and baby Vicky… pillows…

Finally, Johnny went in for surgery about 10pm (after having left the house for the ER at 11am). Dad came and got me and baby, we went to the hospital first, so we could be there when Johnny came out of surgery. He was wheeled into his hospital room in one of their nice big beds on wheels. He was so pale and still. Of course it was mostly from being put under for the surgery, but it was still kinda freaky seeing my husband in a hospital bed so pale and still. He started to come to, and was able to complain about pain, and tell me he was happy I was there. We didn’t stay long because Vicky started to get fussy (talk about way past her bedtime (Almost MIDNIGHT!).

Gave Johnny a very careful hug, and a kiss goodnight. Then we went to my parents place to stay the night.

Next morning I was eager to get back to the hospital to see Johnny. I was cautioned about taking baby just because there are a lot of “super bugs” and virus’s babies can get at hospitals, but I knew she couldn’t stay home without me, and I really wanted to go with them to bring Johnny back. So we laid down some rules for baby’s protection, I wasn’t gonna touch anything at the hospital so I could handle baby when she needed me, so mom and dad were gonna have to open doors and operate elevators and all that.

At the hospital, Johnny was looking MUCH better! He’d already been up and walked around a bit and used the bathroom, so he just needed to fill out the paperwork to be released! He had his color back, he was able to really look a person in the eye again, he seemed happy.

I remember at one point, he asked me to come closer to him, and he said,
“Sarah, I got to ride in a wheel chair yesterday!”

Haha! His dream come true!

We got Johnny back to my parents place and into bed to rest a bit. We stayed there another week, while Johnny and I both worked up building up our strength again. Then we went back to our own lovely home.

Vicky was a very good sleeper and nurser, she already had a smile, which revealed some adorable dimples (one in each cheek!), and just melted hearts!

Here are a few cuties from some photo sessions we did:

And Johnny with her at a couple weeks old, we went to Lewisville park that day to meet up with Rehoboth, it was such a nice day and they had several people getting baptized that day, so Lewisville park was a great spot! And Vicky LOVED getting to see all the Grandmas and Grandpas!

A couple favorites from Vicky’s 2 week photoshoot:

When Vicky was about 5 weeks old, Johnny had a day he forgot his lunch on his way out for work. It was such a nice day we decided to meet during his lunch hour and have us a little picnic! I pushed Vicky around the park at Horseshoe Lake in her stroller while we waited. After a while we picked out a good spot to set up, Vicky played on her blanky while I set upour picnic; then she settled down for a small nap, while Johnny and I ate.



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