The Last Months, and Maternity Photos

During the month of May and most of June, I felt HUGE and tired and sore, and my back hurt real bad most of the time. I had been going to Zumba class in La Center every week faithfully during this pregnancy, though I was tempted many a time to skip or even quit. I had several weeks that I would take my exercising ball to the class with me, I would just bounce in the back corner of the room and do the hand motions of the class.

By mid-June, I had already set up the dresser and changing table in the “nursery,” and finished putting away all the adorable newborn and size 0-3 month clothes we’d gotten for baby Victoria from my parents and the baby shower.

We’d set up and checked the birthing tub for leaks and had the “birthing kit” delivered and ready as well.

Last week of June, I had a sudden energy surge! Woke up one morning, my back didn’t hurt, I felt positive and strong, and like I wanted to work hard at something. Next day, Tuesday, was Zumba class, I actually got to stand up and do the full class, sitting out only 3 dances! It was great, I felt great!

Next day, Wednesday, I went with my friend Tiffany to see my Midwife for ou scheduled prenatal visit. The said baby felt great, was head down, had her back facing out (Yay! No back labor!), and both mine and babies heart rates were spot on. When they first tried to feel my baby to figure out where baby was, and they had to wait a few minutes due to a Braxton Hick contraction that was going on at that moment.

I then had chiropractor appointment, which went well (though she still couldn’t loosen up my lower back). Then Tiffany and I went grocery shopping at Winco and Costco, and filled up on gas. Once we returned to my place, I said good-bye to Tiffany as she drove off in her van, and then warmed up some dinner.

After Johnny got home, and we ate dinner, we got changed into some nicer clothes. My friend Renae came out to our house and took some lovely “Maternity” themed photos for us. The photos came out SO nice, I’ll share a few of my favorites. You can see more of Renae’s work at



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