New Zealand Trip Day 15

Day #15: NZ Date: 2nd of March, Wednesday; US Date: March 1st, Tuesday.

Got up at 7:30am, made some scrambled eggs for breakfast, then in no time we were out the door! Ok, we needed to wait for Papa Keith to finish giving the boys instructions for the day and stuff.

Anyways, we met up with Papa Keith down at the logging yard (within view and walking distance of the house). He had a load of logs he needed to transport to a mill in Taurangi. We hopped in and headed out. the semi truck looked small from the outside, but was sure HUGE when you got inside it! And the logs on the trailer were enormous!

We got to Raetihi and filled up on gas and used the restroom (its quite a climb getting in and out of a semi at 5 1/2 months pregnant, let me tell you!), Keith wrote the stop for gas in the log book, and we headed out again. At the gas station, we also got these “candies,” basically looks like an egg, but is a thin layer of chocolate, and then a layer of sugar under that, then on the inside is a small container with a surprise toy! Johnny got one that had a small Koala in it, and I got one that had pieces you put together to make a fun ball.

We got Taurangi about 11:30am. They got the wood unloaded, Papa Keith filled out his log book and his billing information, then we started driving again.


We drove to Whanganui (wung-guh-new-ee), stopped at the park they have. Its got a nice green area with large red cedar trees. Last year they’d had a HUGE flood from the Whanganui River, here’s a photo of the guys showing where the water level was on this tree (Johnny is 6 feet tall):

To the left of where this photo was taken, is a large sand bank that had been constructed to block an unusually high water level, but the water had gone up and over flooded up to just below the window sills of most the houses along the main street.

We continued on to a kids park/playground. They said it’d been there for years, and they used to bring Johnny and all the kids there when they were little.

After the park, we got some lunch at a local cafe, then headed homeward.

We stopped and looked at the Single Tree Hill and Raukawa Falls (Raw-Cow-Uh), which was stunning!


_MG_2344 1 copyWe got home about 3:30pm, Keith’s horse seemed very happy he’d made it home.



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