New Zealand Trip Day 13

Day #13: NZ Date: 29th of February, Monday; US Date: February 28th, Sunday.

Lazy day, mostly worked on the blog and just relaxed around the house. The sun set behind the mountain, but over amongst the trees where I couldn’t get a great photo. But Papa Keith noticed it changed colors of the sky looking the opposite direction and I could get a more dramatic kind of photos through the back trees.


Papa Keith had a friend over that evening after dinner. Can’t remember his name at the moment. His friend had brought over a few new songs to teach Keith on the guitar. It was fun listening to them talk and sing and correct one anothers counting.

Johnny started to play guitar a bit on his own, and Papa Keith’s friend was quite impressed, especially since Johnny had practically taught himself to play using YouTube as a guide.


We hung out for a while, kept talking about watching a movie, but everyone was really tired and thought just going to bed was a better idea as time wore on. So we went with that, and went to sleep.


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