New Zealand Trip Day 10

Day #10: NZ Date: 26th of February, Friday; US Date: February 25th, Thursday.

Johnny’s Dad, Papa Keith, wanted to take us out for lunch. So brother Kenny gave us a ride out to Waiouru to the Takeaway restaurant there and we met up with Papa Keith. Johnny and I had minced cheese pies, which was a first for me, and they were really good! Basically a hand pie with cheese and ground beef inside, goes great with a little ketchup.


Note: In New Zealand, they don’t have Ketchup, but they do sell Tomato Sauce, which is practically the same thing.

Papa Keith got a HUMONGOUS fish sandwich. It must’ve been about 6 inches tall and 4-5 inches across! it had 2 pieces of fish and the lettuce section looked like a huge salad all on its own! He took off one of the pieces of fish and split it up for me and Johnny, it was really good fish.

After lunch, Papa Keith had to get back to work. The weather was nice a crisp and the clouds were almost non-existent, so brother Kenny recommended walking up Mt Ruapehu. We drove out to Ruapehu, drove up most the mountain, then parked at the little ski resort there (which is closed right now since its summer here in New Zealand). We were then able to get out and do a little walking, though the air was already so thin and the mountain quite steep in areas, and lots of loose rocks, so we didn’t walk far up. Just walked high enough to get some great views.


Kenny had text brother Joey that we were going to the mountain, so Joey rode out to meet us on his motorbike. While Kenny and Joey had walked off in 1 direction, Joey had set down his bike helmet. Johnny saw it and picked it up and wanted to hide it somewhere. The silly boy. He hid it under a small ledge of rock, near the path. But Joey ended up seeing it when he came round to meet us (he had walked a loop so he came up behind us), haha!


We headed towards home again, Kenny decided to drive us over to a small park in Raetihi. Just your usual kids park, he saw this turtle toy thing and wanted to ride on it. Then, of course, Johnny wanted to ride it, haha!

The boys then ran over to a very large tree on the back of the park premises. Its a eucalyptus tree, or “Gum Tree” they usually call it. The bark peels off on its own, and the core of the tree is very smooth to touch, and the grain is very straight. Due to the grain being straight, Johnny says it makes great fire wood as its very easy to cut and has a nice smell went burnt.

We then headed home (again). Very tired and worn out from walking on the mountain.



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