New Zealand Trip Day 6

Day #6: NZ Date: 22nd of February, Monday; US Date: February 21st, Sunday.

Johnny wanted to take me to a local Cowboy Town, but looking at their website, we’d have to make reservations and then it’d have to be all day (10am to 4pm) and it would cost $120 per person! YIKES! But, he did want to show me the front gate at least, ’cause his Dad built it for the ranch.

So Johnny, Michael and I headed out. We drove down to Ruatiti (roo-ah-tih-tee), saw 5 wild goats grazing on the hillsides along the way, and lots of sheep and cattle and honeybee hives.

Saw the gate of the MellonsFolly Ranch…

_MG_0949 1

Then went to the Ruatiti work-site they had, Johnny pointing out all the property they used to own down there.

At the work-site was quite the hill, and Johnny wanted to go for a walk, so we walked up part way, till I started to get winded. We saw a New Zealand Fan Tail on the way up, so pretty!

Then we walked over to the side onto another mound where some more trees were, and sat down. From there we could see all the way down into the valley, we could see the house they used to live in when they owned the 1800 Acre ranch; we could see the shearing sheds and paddocks for the sheep; we could even see some huge rain water barrels by a some sheds; and we could hear LOTS of Cicada.

So we just sat and talked and relaxed and caught our breath for a while. Then we hopped up, got back on the trail and headed down the hill back to the main work-site. There, we stopped by a sandwich, and some water. And said hi to the lonely little hen that was staying down there. She was interesting to look at, she had extra toes on the back portion of her feet, and little white tufts of feather on her head.


And, we actually SAW some Cicada! Both just old skins and a live one on a branch!

Johnny and I then went with Kenny, Michael and Joey to the nearby river. My little brother, Gabriel, is a rock collector/amateur geologist. So I got Johnny’s 3 brothers searching the river bed for some really cool, small, unique rocks so I could take one back to Gabe. Some of the rocks in this area even had fossils of shells in them! Lots of signs pointing to the great flood of the bible in this region.


We then headed back to the house to relax. I worked more on editing some pictures to share on the blog. We soon had dinner, and chatted about the day with the family, then went to bed.

Here are some photos from the ride back to the house:

And a photo of one of teh boys boots down by the water, thought it came out pretty cool:


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