Moulton Falls

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“This is the Day the Lord has made,
I will Rejoice and be Glad in it.
This is the Day, this is the day
That the Lord has made.”

My fiance, Johnny, and I went out to Moulton Falls yesterday. It had been a very stressful week with all the wedding planning and getting wedding and bridal shower invitations put together and mailed out, and making sure we had enough stamps and the right addresses… So, Johnny decided he wanted to take me out to Moulton Falls, since I hadn’t been there before.

However, the day before, we got a call saying that Johnny could have a late morning apt to have his heart checked out via echocardiogram. We’d seen a specialist and they said something was up with his heart, but only an echocardiogram would tell us exactly what it was.

We were thrilled to finally be able to get this done. Friday morning we went in an dhad the echocardiogram done, basically an ultra sound of his heart, and the guy performing it ended with telling us he saw nothing “Critical,” which was a huge relief for us (more specifically myself).

After that, we went home, had lunch, said hi to the family, and then headed out to Moulton Falls.

The Falls were GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning, and you could walk right out to the water! And there was a bridge there that, at a certain angle, when you cold see it and its reflection at the same time, it almost formed a circle with the formation (see pix above)! And of course we got to walk on the bridge, it was nice, wide and solid. You could see many places on the railing where people had carved into it, mostly things like “D+T= <3” and similar.

The water over the falls was rushing hard, and white. but just a little ways up stream, the water was totally still, and calm. kinda like life. one moment everything is totally calm, quiet and peaceful. Then its all rapids and flying up in the air, and crashing down, nothing the way it should be. But then, all is eventually calm and peace stillness again. Don’t give up in the rapids, you’ll drown. Things will be different just around the next corner.



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