Birth of Baby Matthias

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This was my first birth to photograph. It was a Homebirth in the wee hours of the morning.
We arrived on the scene and mother was already nearing transition. She got in the birthing tub and labored in there for a while.
She walked around a little, and listened, and even sang a little to some calming music, a song based on Psalm 23.
It was a beautiful sight. Once the midwife arrived it was only a few more minutes before baby Matthias arrived to meet his family.
Soon as he was born there was laughter and tears.

Side Story:
After this birth I started editing away at pictures and posted just a few photos to Facebook for the family to view while they waited.
The mother shared some of these photos to her Facebook “Wall” where her friends could see them. One friend in particular, who had been having a very hard time, saw these pictures and they had a profound affect on her.
Here’s what happened (this quote is from the Mother in the pictures above):
“My friend was a single mother of 2, and recently expecting her third. She struggles with depression.
Her boyfriend left her and she fell into the arms of another man shortly after the recent death of her mother.
She was going to abort this baby. The moment of my and Matthias’ first meeting WHICH YOU CAPTURED changed her mind and lead her to the word of God!
She is keeping the baby…your photography is a ministry and you saved a life!!!
She cancelled the appointment at the abortion clinic, and is scheduled to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the very first time later this week…
All because of a picture…And GOD”

I had been wondering in the previous weeks if my photography was really what God wanted me doing, or if it was just a distraction from what he really wanted me doing.
This testimony of how my photography was used to change a woman’s heart deeply affected me, and I feel it was a message or a sign from Him on High that I am doing what I am meant to be doing.
Thank you all for your support.

This is Sarah’s Scenes, Real Life Photographer.


One thought on “Birth of Baby Matthias

  1. Debbi White says:

    Breathtaking & beautiful photos! The story brought me to tears. How awesome that must have felt knowing that your photos had such an impact on another person, and saved another child’s life! I too am a photographer, this is my passion. My heart goes into every photograph. I thank God every day for the talent he has given me, and guiding me as I grow. I pray that one of my photographs will one day cross a path and have such an impact on that persons life. May your journey be long! Debbi White / Debbi White Photography

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