Serrano Family: Making a Texture and Using It

The Serrano Family with Psalm 23 texture

The Serrano Family with Psalm 23 texture

Step 1: First to make the Texture.

I had several FREE Textures that I’d gotten as “Freebies” in Newsletters and online. I Opened a “New” Blank document in Photoshop (Look under “File), Pulled a couple Textures I liked and adjusted the Opacity to my liking. Then I added the words. I Selected Psalm 23 using ESword, then Selected a Font and faded it to 75% Opacity, an dcopy and pasted it till covered the Whole Page. I placed one of the Textures I’d place din the document above the words (use a lighter textured and colored layer for over the words so they still show through).Merge all layers together and “Save” as a JPEG file.

Step 2: Combining Images.

I had the Photo itself, then I used the “Quick Selection” tool to select Just them and Copy them to the next layer. I Then placed the Above Texture in between them and the original photo, and set the Opacity for 50%. Then I copied the Texture layer and moved the copy to the Top of all the Layers, and set the Opacity at 10%.

And That is how I can use a Texture without loosing the main focus of the photos behind everything.

This is Sarah’s Scenes, Real Life Photographer.


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