Kimberly & Martin: Making and Using Textures, Altering text

Kimberly & Martin with Jeremiah 31:3 Texture

Kimberly & Martin with Jeremiah 31:3 Texture

Step 1: First to make the Texture.

I had several FREE Textures that I’d gotten as “Freebies” in Newsletters and online. I Opened a “New” Blank document in Photoshop (Look under “File), Pulled a couple Textures I liked and adjusted the Opacity to my liking. Then I added the words. I Selected Psalm 23 using ESword, then Selected a Font and faded it to 75% Opacity, an dcopy and pasted it till covered the Whole Page. I placed one of the Textures I’d place din the document above the words (use a lighter textured and colored layer for over the words so they still show through).

Step 2: Altering your Text.

Before You proceed to Save your new Texture, You may want to do something special with the Text. You’ve chosen your Font, the Size you want, the Color, and the Words themselves… But sometimes you want something more to your image. You will see in your Dashboard with all your “Text Options” (font, size, style, etc.) 2 small T’s with a symbol beneath, or beside it. One has 2 arrows going opposite directions, this will reverse your font so every thing is backwards (like looking in a mirror). Next to that, is a T with a sort of half circle or Rainbow shape beneath it. Click on this T and it will give you Options for some special effects you can do to the text to help it Stand out or Pop. You can now “Arch” your text, so it’s like a banner or rainbow. You can “Bulge” your text, like what I did in the above picture. And there are several other options in there as well. Be creative and check them out!

Now, you may merge all layers together and “Save” as a JPEG file.

Step 3: Combining Images.

I had the Photo itself, then I used the “Quick Selection” tool to select Just them and Copy them to the next layerand set the layer Opacity to 75%. I Then placed the Above Texture in between them and the original photo, and set the Opacity for 50%.

And That is how I can use a Texture without loosing the main focus of the photos behind everything.

This is Sarah’s Scenes, Real Life Photographer.


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