I like a very Traditional, classic feel to my photos. I also love candid shots, two of the top four were total candids Anybody care to guess which two are the candids?


This is Sarah’s Scenes, Real Life Photographer.


4 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. JKD says:

    Hmm… I’m guessing the two candids would be that one of Abi and the last photo. =]
    I dont actually know who that person is… =/


    • sarahsscenes says:

      You’re right Mr. Johnny, nice to see you on here again 😀 You’re right on! The one you don’t know is one of my cousins, she was walking off and turned her head for just a second as I took the picture. Total Candid!

      • JKD says:

        Yep, definitely =] Candid was a new word for me so I searched it lol. I guess it is a photography term? Great photos by the way Sarah.


      • sarahsscenes says:

        Haha! yes, it is a photography term. a Candid is basically an “unposed” photo of someone or something. like a dog standing on it’s back legs to pose for a picture, posed, where’s as the dog spontaneously standing on it’s backlegs for whatever reason would be a candid, because it was not posed. I do a lot of partial candids. like I’ll pose the set up, then have the people interacte with each other a bit so i get a natural, “candid” expression 🙂 you just can’t fake genuine interest or excitement or joy, so set people the way you’d like them for the picture and them interact with one another to get the candid expressions. 🙂 glad you got to learn something new, mr. Johnny. We’ve really missed hearing from you. I’m going to post some photos from the beach soon, hopefully today (if all goes well), i hope you’ll check them out an dlet me know what you think of them. 🙂

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