My Great-Grandma Slegers

My Grandma Slegers

4 Generations together

This last Thursday, My Great-Grandmother Lois Slegers passed on. She was 93 years old, a true believer, and so full of life nobody could help but like being around her. Her bones were old, her hearing growing dim, but Grandma still had her wit. She is now Happy and full of strength with her husband and blessed Savior in the realms of Glory. We will miss you grandma, but we’ll see you again soon. Love You.

This is Sarah’s Scenes, Real Life Photographer.


3 thoughts on “My Great-Grandma Slegers

  1. Lorinda says:

    So sweet to see this phto of the grammas with us and my children. She will be missed. She had such a sassy joy that was inspiring.we’ll see you again grandma!

  2. Linda Nelson says:

    Your great grandma was my aunt and I loved her too. She was a wonderful person who loved the Lord with all her heart and loved us too! She will leave a big hole on this earth. Thanks for your tribute.

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