Quick Tips: Engagement Portraits

I’ve honestly only done engagement photos once, for a near relative and his special girl. I was so honored when they asked me to do their portraits, I immediately got out  my books looking for inspiration.

I talked with the couple about location, places that were important to them that they’d like to share in the photos, with real meaning for them. We decided a three places they’d like to do, one of which had real meaning for the couple, the second they’d been to while courting and really liked being there, and the third was more or less just a back-up plan.

Tips I learned:

#1: Relax. Don’t stress out, it’ll make you tense, your models tense, if there’s anything you don’t want it is a tense model.

#2: let the couple go where there’s special meaning for them. The above couple got to this particular spot, where he had popped the question and she said yes, and they started reenacting the scene for me. All of their own accord. You could see the joy the emotion, it was all good.

#3: Be in the Moment. this is important, no, Vital for almost any shoot you do. The couple will relax and start talking to each other, interacting, and if you’re not there, both in mind as well as body, you’ll miss the best shots of the day.

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life photographer.


4 thoughts on “Quick Tips: Engagement Portraits

  1. Lorinda says:

    GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!! So in love…. Sarah, you have done a terrific job with your first engagemtn photo shoot. simply beautiful.

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