Quick Tips: Events

When Shooting an event there are a few things you HAVE to be aware of.

#1: What’s expected. Every event will have something special about it, it’s your goal as the photographer to find out what it is and show it off in the best possible way.

#2: What’s the Focus. whether you’re doing a wedding, a circus, a birthday party, you HAVE to capture the main focus or reason for the event. If you miss that one thing, you will have been wasting your time.

#3:Be where the action is, or atleast know where the action is at.  Either way, capture the action, the emotions of a scene; capture what is happening.

#4: give your photos a sense of place. Don’t just take photos of the bride and groom, or the birthday cake, or the kids with balloons. You need to capture the location in a few shots as well. Be it a canopy under a tree, the inside of a church, a small home. Give your portfolio a sense of place, a location.

These are the gist of what you will need to have on your mind when shooting events. Follow these, and be creative with what you’ve got, and you will love what you have and feel like your work was well done and you accomplished what you set out to do.

This is Sarah’s Scenes real Life photographer.


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