Quick Tips: Museum

At a lot of Museums and houses full of antiques don’t allow flash photography. Be sure to ask before you try using any. Here are a few “Quick Tips” for getting good photos when no flash is allowed and the lighting really isn’t that good:

Tip #1: Hold the camera steady. Have a firm grip on it, steady yourself against a wall before taking the picture if necessary.

Tip #2: Don’t be in too much of a hurry. If you rush it you’ll be moving before the photo has been properly recorded, thus resulting in a blurred image. Take your time.

Tip #3: Notice the little things. This is something I really try to make a point of doing wherever I go. Here are a couple recent examples:

It really is the ability to take the little things and make them seem bigger and more important that will help to set you apart in this area.

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life photographer.


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