Quick Tips: ZOO

Ok, when taking photos at the zoo, more often than not, you don’t want the bars of the cages or the glass of the viewing areas to show up in your photo, right? You want the animals to look like they are, wild.

Here’s a really easy tip for getting “past the bars.”

Step 1: Use the “Av” (Aperture Priority Mode)

Step 2: Set the aperture to the lowest number possible.

Step 3: Get your camera as close to the “bars” or “glass” of the cage as possible, without breaking any safety rules.

What will this accomplish? Simply put, it will blur out the bars and anything on the glass. The aperture lets in enough light and gets close enough to what you don’t want, so it sort of works like your own eye and wraps light around those things so they get out of focus and stay out of focus.

Here are a few quick samples:

See some of the bars? I didn’t get as close to them as I could’ve so they showed up a bit.

Got closer to the bars with this one, turned out pretty good.

And this one has a bit of a frame for the chickens by the presence of the bars, being artistic is NOT a crime.

I hope you’ve found this helpful.

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life photographer.



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