Getting Started: Aperture, or f/number

Aperture is how much light your lens is permitting into the camera.

One thing about Aperture that may seem backwards toa  lot of people is tha that smaller the f/number is, the larger the aperture will be, the more light can get in.

If you’re going to be shooting in low light you’ll want a lens with a low number on it. My 50mm has an f/number of 1.8, and works pretty good in low light. Now, get this, the lower the f/number, the more light will get in, the lower your ISO will need to be! Isn’t that great?

We’ve already talked about how the ISO will cause noise in your pictures at a  high level, but since more light will be able to get in to brighten your photos with an open aperture of 1.8, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of higher levels and noise.

Your Aperture will also determine another thing: How blurred will the unfocused portions of your photo be. When you focus on something, you want your subject to be nice and sharp, and everything behind or in front of it to be a little blurred. The lower f/number you have, the more blur will occur where you want it while keeping your main subject nice and sharp.

these are just a couple of examples of what a lower aperture can do.

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life Photographer.

Lesson: Low Aperture=Good thing. more light, lower ISOs, more blur for background and unwanted objects.


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