Getting Started: Continuous Vs. Single Shooting

On your camera you should have a choice in almost every Mode on what kind of shooting you want, Single or Continuous.

Single is good for photos and still subjects, and Continuous for shooting subjects that may move in a moment. Also, Single shooting is slow enough you can refocus on your subject. While Continuous will hold the focus distance and keep taking pictures at that focal distance.

I shoot in Continuous most the time, I like it because it loads the photos to the memory card faster, thus enabling you to take the next shot quicker. The Single shooting option is alright, but continuous is faster, like I just said.

You also have the options of “self timer, which are great when you’re using a tripod and want to capture a group photo with you in it. this way you actually have time to get in the shot!

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life Photographer.

Lesson: think about the shooting mode, not just the focusing mode. if speed is necessary take the faster shoot  setting.


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