Getting Started: Format

When looking at options for what format you want your camera you have a couple of things to consider.

first, what is the purpose of your photos, and Second, what are you photographing.

JPEG FINE format. taken this last summe rinour backyard.

If your purpose is solely to post them online you may want a smaller size format so they load online faster, but if you plan to make prints and display your work you’ll want something bigger and with more detail capacity.

Also, the size of the format you use will affect your shutter speed and how fast your photos can be transferred from your camera to the memory card. So considering what you’re photographing will be important, especially if you’re doing animals or small children that don’t want to stay still.

I use the Large FINE JPEG format for my images. Although, there are several photographers that use RAW format, as it contains more data. I like the JPEG because it’s compact enough that I can take lots of pictures, and simple enough I don’t have to convert the file on the PC for others can view the photos later. But it’s also big enough that I can have good quality prints when I need them.

The smaller size JPEG options are good for online viewing. However, if you would like to speed up the uploading process you can always convert your larger files to smaller ones once they’re on the PC.

I haven’t shot in the smaller JPEG formats for a longtime, so I don’t have an example right now to show you the difference, though you’d probably be able to see it better by experimenting for yourself.

RAW format holds a lot more information than a JPEG image, but it takes longer to load to your memory card, thus slowing your shutter speed.

The format doesn’t really give you a source of creativity, at least, not as much as some of the other features. But it is important, especially when you want to print some thing out. the size and quality will affect your prints, so be careful what format you go with.

This is Sarah’s Scenes Real Life Photographer.

Lesson: be careful what format you choose,it will affect quality which could undermine any artistic work you’ve done.


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