Coconut Oil and Its Many Uses…

Did you know about this long list of uses for Coconut Oil?

We use it for almost everything on this list.

We also use coconut oil for burns, baby butt rash (video to come later this week), face moisturizer (really helps with tightening up the under eye bags), rough or dry patches of skin, chapstick… you name it!



Yes, the title is spelled correctly, haha!

For most my pregnancy with Vicky, and all my pregnancy with Maggy, my mom, sister and I were doing a once a week Zumba class! It was taking place at our local church and was free (with a boz available for donations), which was great motivation for me since we live on a very tight budget at present.

We LOVED it! I was hesitent at first, but once we started it was sO much fun! It felt great to move, work up a sweat, and just dance with a great group of ladies!


Me and Maggy with our instructor, Veronika

Then last fall, we got the horrible news that our zumba instructor was going to be sayong good bye to our group as she alrwady was working a full time job, working at a gym couple nights a week, was moving, had a husband and daughter she needed time with, and so many volunteer positions she was doing with her zumba and bali-X! We cried. My mom, me, my sister… we were so sad! We LOVED Zumba!

So we just haven’t had anything for a long time now.

I had my T-Tapp program for working out at homeh, but really wanted some sort of easy to follow dance program like what we had with Zumba.

My sister did too, apparently!

She was looking for zumba videos on YouTube,  and happened across a GREAT group called “Refit.” They do dance fitness pretty much identical to Zumba. With fun music and songs, easy to advance moves,  and great energy!

Vicky and I did the 1st song of this playlist today:

Cecilia is a great one to start with! Definitely focus on the foot work first, once you have that down you can work on the arms.

Vicky was able to just dance around me giggling while i worked on getting the foot work down. So even the toddler got a bit of a workout, haha!

And because we just did it off YouTube,  its FREE!


Tuna Casserole

Made a large tuna casserole yesterday, thought I’d share the recipe with you all in case you’re looking for some foody ideas!

Tuna Fish Casserole

First i cooked up a package of fat macaroni noodles. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, add your noodles, turn the heat down to medium and stir occasionally for 11 minutes. Then strain your noodles and set them aside.

Pop open 4 cans of tuna and let them drain.


In a large bowl, i combined about 2 cups Avocado Mayo, 1/2 cup Mexican cheese, 1 cup parmesan, with a couple Tablespoons salt, 1 Tablespoon pepper, and 2 Teaspoons garlic powder. Stir well. Slice and dice 5 large pickles and 3 celery sticks, add to mixture and stir in thoroughly.

Cut the tuna so its small, kinda shredded looking, and add to avocado/cheese mixture.

Add noodles to mix. And pour into a large 9×13 pan. I did a disposable foil container set on a cookie sheet for mine.

Sprinkle with lemon juice, and cut 1 whole lemon into thin slices and set them ontop of your casserole. Cover with parchment paper and foil.

I baked mine at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. I then took off the foil cover and turned the heat up to 350 and baked 10 more minutes.  You could bake at 350 degrees and only cook for 1 hour, and take the top off for 10 minutes at the end. The last 10 minutes help to dry off any excess moisture (i don’t like my casseroles super soggy).


This is a really delicious dish that even my picky eater of a husband enjoys! And its quite filling too! Johnny, Vicky and I ate about 1/4 of what i made (see above photo), so this is gonna last us a few meals.

Yay! Got More Oil!

Been without any oil for a few days, but, *happy dance* my 500 Oil has finally arrived! Yay! Looking forward to more energy, focus, sleep, decreased inflamation in my joints, and my skin clearing up again!


I’ve been using the 300 CBD oil to help my anxiety and fibromyalgia, but its helped with so much more than just those!

I now have way more energy, less anxiety, more focus, better sleep, my fibromyalgia is WAY better, and even the pain i get during that “womanly time of the month” is greatly decreased! Its also helped with getting rid of canker sores and eased burns for me!

I used to be debilitated after mucking out 5 wheelbarrow loads from the stalls in the barn, be on bedrest for days due to being so tired and sore afterwards! Now, thanks to the oils, I can do 10 wheelbarrow loads, and carry on with the laundry, dinner prep, dishes, taking care of my girls…. and still be going the next day with only a slight achiness in my back!

Highly recommend CTFO’s Oils! And they even include an instructional pamphlet for people that are new to using the oils! How great is that!?

Try some for yourself and see what it does for you!
With a 60 day money back guarantee, you really have NOTHING to lose!

Order here:

Got Goats?

Went over to visit my folks last friday, went down to the pasture to take a quick look at their goats. My mom likes me to take a peak at them every now and then and let her know how I think they’re doing and if I see any changes needing to be made for them.

We went over the stall arrangements and feeding routine for all the goats again as 5 out of 7 are currently expecting. 2 are due end of the month! Yay! so we’ll be having pix of baby goats again pretty soon!

Here’s a couple funny pix I got of blue-eyed Charlotte, isn’t she the prettiest, quirkiest thing!?

Walks, Goats, Babies, and Bushes…

It was getting to be late afternoon, girls had just woken up from them naps, and the sun was shining so invitingly outside…

I asked Vicky if she wanted to go outside and she immediately went for her boots!

Diapers changed, clean clothes on, an extra blanket in tow, and we took little sister with us for a walk.

We visited the goats, Vicky’s FAVORITE thing to do…

Then we walked back and around the house and paused for some adorable photos, although Vicky wasn’t too keen on the idea…

Couldn’t decide if I liked this one of Maggy more in Color or Black and white, any thoughts?

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Such sweet girls we have!

We the went inside and got warmed up, sure is chilly these days.

March 14th: KidzTown/Mission Possible

It was a wedesday evening, and Vicky had been invited to stay the night at Oma’s house (Oma is my moms grandparent title).

However, being Wednesday evening, the kids had their Kidztown bible groups at church to go to! So, we simply decided I would drive everyone down to the church, and Vicky would join in this week (as much as she could) and then she’d stay the night at Oma’s house when everyone got back home.

Oh, Vicky had a blast! She got to play drums, and sing, and dance… then she got to run all around the church and play with the balls and bikes and all the other kids that were there. The older kids were learning to put sign language with one of the worship songs they were learning, which was SO fun to watch!

IMG_7521 1

It was exhausting cause I had to be right there with her the whole time, not cause she was bad, she’s just still so young she had a hard time staying and keeping up with all the bigger kids.

Her uncles and aunties LOVED getting to help with her though, and all in all she had a great time!

March 12th, 2018: Cozy Evening In The Backyard

March 12th was still a very pleasant day, with a nice warm evening. we ate out in the backyard with the girlies, and I decided as long as it was so nice out, “Why not dress up the little girls and try for some really sweet photos?”

So these are the result of that post dinner photoshoot:

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Afterwards, some of my siblings (Maggy and Vickys Aunts and Uncles) came over to spend the evening with Grandma, and of course that meant our little girls had lots of other young people to play with after we did our photos!

March 11th, 2018: Sunny Days, Lawn Mowers, and Very Stylish Sunbabies

March 11th was a more relaxed day. The sun was out, no matter had to go to work, and the lawn needed mowing. The goats were happily munching grass in the pasture, and grandma was revving up the lawn mower.

Vicky wanted to go outside, so we all went out on the patio to get some sun and watch Grandma on the lawn mower. She saw Vicky and tried to persuade her to ride with her on the lawn mower, but with the engine loudly running, there was no way we could persuade Vicky to get anywhere close to the lawn mower, let alone on it.

However, baby Maggy didn’t mind the noise at all! So we offered her to Grandma for a ride, and Maggy was thrilled with getting to try the steering wheel!

Johnny held onto Vicky, keeping her safe from the “scary lawn mower,” and getting a little sun himself.

After her ride, Maggy joined Vicky on the sunny patio. Just two beautiful little sun-babies in their sunhats and Vicky wearing her adorable sunglasses!